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Lectures and Workshops
Art Direction, Branding
Visual Storytelling, Photography
Aesthetics and Visual Harmony, Styling
Fashion-, Magazine-, Personal Branding 

Creative Direction ︎︎︎

Artist Consultancy
Supporting Projects, Portfolio building, consulting on Exhibitions and Presentations

Lectures and workshops are available for small groups, individuals or corporate groups.

The Soul of Imagery / A képalkotás lelke
Látásmódfejlesztő workshop ( 8 alkalom )
Workshop  series for Visualisation

Creative Storytelling
Art Direction for Ad Campaigns, Editorials, and Social Media Content
for Marketing Director and Brand Managers

Art Direction in Fashion Photography
for Photographers, Stylists, Fashion Art Directors

Portfolio Lecture and Workshop
for Photographers, Stylists, Fashion Art Directors

The Art of Seeing
for Photographers, Stylists, Fashion Art Directors

Trend Lectures
Moment of Reflection, Trend Analysis
New Romantic Movements
Earth Matters - Better Living
The Tree of the Soul

Creative Direction Lectures and Workshops
for Fashion, Lifestyle and Hospotality managment