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Brand Consulting and Image Creative Direction for Fashion, Lifestyle and Hospitality businesses


.Image Creative Direction
.Brand Consultancy in Strategy, Design, and Communication

.Core and Seasonal Concept for Collaborations, Products / Services, Events, and Communiation

.Lectures and Workshops, Trend Presentations

.Production Art Direction
Ad campaign and Content Art Direction, Social Media Strategy

.Photography, Styling, Set Design, Installation

Fashion meets Hospitality with a pich of Cinema
The studio's holistic approach encompasses brand image strategy, design vision, core and seasonal communications and artistic collaborations, from thoughtful refinement to a complete reimagination across conceptual and physical disciplines.

curated by ATELIER is a creative and educational studio, specializing in creative direction to support small and large companies to build and maintain authentic brand image, develop harmonious communication strategies, create inspiring design, and produce soulful visuals. The Studio also provides creative direction lectures and workshops for their clients to expand their knowledge and enhance their experience.

curated by ATELIER  was born in 2010, in a small room in Montmartre, Paris, where founder and creative director Angie Palmai had been travelling for many years. Today, the studio is based in Budapest and works internationally on treasured projects with honest companies and conscious brands on strengthening brand image, art directing creative strategies, and creating, curating visual appearances.

.The Founder.

.Selected Lectures and Workshops

Prime Studio (2023)
.The Soul of Imagery / Workshop for Visualisation
.Photography Workshop Series

Prime Studio (2022)
.Art Direction and Storytelling in Fashion Photography
.Photography Portfolio
.The Art of Seeing

.PhotoSynthesis Concept Space, Sofia (2020)
Storytelling Lecture and Workshop

Budapest Metropolitan University (2015-2021)
.Lifestyle Trend Analysis
.Trend Presentations for Fashion and Luxury Management

Krea School of Contemporary Art and Design (2006-2023)
.Creative and Art Direction for Fashion Brands
.Creative and Art Direction for Concept Stores
.Fashion Branding, Magazine Branding, Personal Branding
.History of Fashion Photography, Contemporary Fashion Photography
.Fashion Trend Analysis
.Trend Presentations

Angie Palmai is a creative director and brand consultant with a degree in Art Direction and Fashion Styling, and experience in guiding and elaborating image and visual communication of fashion and lifestyle brands.
In the past 15 years, she held lectures and courses for several educational institutions on branding, creative management, art direction, visual communication, trend forecasting, and concept store strategies.
She strives to create value, inspire clients, collaborators, and students, and drive to flourish in everything she embraces from lecturing to design, from image creation to creative events. She is a passionate photographer, stylist, tango dancer, and hospitality lover, who lives in Budapest and travels worldwide.

Current Research:
Fashion meets Hospitality in Collaborations and Events
Brand Authenticity, Brand Character, Cinematic Vision
The Art of Living and The Art of Seeing, Curated Lifestyle
How to experience life together, Artistic and Cultural Collaborations

Solo Exhibition
- Hungarian Cultural Institute Sofia (2020)
Group Exhibition
- Design Week Hungary (2012)

Hype&Hyper - Creative Studios - curated by ATELIER
Marie Claire - The Journey Matters
︎︎︎Hype&Hyper - curated by ATELIER and The Journey Matters
Fashion Inside - The Journey Matters: Angie Palmai and her tango with light

︎︎︎ Creative Direction Lectures and Workshops
︎︎︎ Current Fashion and Photography Lectures and Workshops

.The Studio.
Pan’ni by Artizán Budapest, Artizán Bakery & Cafe, Fagel Porridge Bar, Anna Grand Hotel, Maison Hotel, Code Showroom, Code Group,  Little Petra Bedouin Camp, Fantasia Arts Dubai, Budapest Metropolitan University, Krea School of Contemporary Art and Design, Prime Studio, Black Lake Water,  Róna, Voy, Illustri Studio, Radnóti Theater, Close Hair Salon, Dry-by London, Art locator Magazine, Nubu, MONO art & design store, Cinque Amici, Aeron, Elysian, Viktoria Varga, Mei Kawa, Nini Molnár, Balázs Bercsényi, Revo Eyewear, Arioso, Vision Express, Battila, Digic Pictures, AXN television, Hannabi, Basic Collection, The Portrait of Luxury, Hungarian Consulate New York, Hotel Dorottya, Hungarian Cultural Institute, ︎︎︎Mary PopKids/Revolution
Personal Clients on Holiday Documentary, Artists' Stories, and Documentary Storytelling (Italy, France, Hungary, Spain, Morocco, Jordan, Croatia)

Kepp Showroom 5 years of Artistic and Creative collaboration with designers Anett Hajdú, Teréz Havancsák, Adél Kovács, Szandra Kakuk Hofstädter, and photographer Peter Hencz, Projects for Nanushka and The Room Magazine
Photographer Peter Bertalan Portrait Projects and 6 years of collaboration with Close hair salon - all ad campaign
Glass Project and Contemporary Dance Project with model Vanessa Axente and photographer Zoltán Tombor
Petit Budapest Project and Artistic collaborations with photographer Krisztián Éder
Travelling collaborations with cultural consultant Nora Moltke on storytelling in Italy, France, Morocco, Spain and Denmark
Argentine Tango Project with dancers Andrea Serban and Endre Szeghalmi
Collaboration with actor Bálint Adorjáni on Portrait Project
Ongoing  Lifestyle Projects - Orquesta Desiderata, UnSeen Memos

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