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Brand Consultancy
Creative and Art Direction in the areas of Brand Strategy, Interior Design and Visual Communication
Concept Design
Direction for Creative Strategies
Brand Image, Interior Design, Visual Communication,
Creative Community, Collaborations, Events, Exhibitions
Brand  Studies,  Trend Research and Presentations 

Lectures and workshops are available for small groups, individuals or corporate groups.

Lectures and Workshops
curated by ATELIER studio offers its clients Creative Direction lectures and workshops to enhance their knowledge and experience.

Future Hospitality
Lifestyle Trend Presentations for Lifestyle and Hospitality Businesses
Forward-thinking Strategies in Design and Communication
Creative Communities

Creative Direction for Hospitality Businesses
Lecture and Workshop in Brand Strategies, Design, and Communication
How it looks - How it feels

Fashion meets Hospitality - Concept Stores
Creative and Art Direction for Fashion and Hospitality Brands
How brands work together 

Image Creative Direction, Brand Book (On request)
Personalized  Lecture and Workshop for Brand and Marketing Management
Brand Image Strategies
Creative Management
Core / Seasonal Communication


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