Creative Storytelling - Visual Communication for various brands 

Lecture and Workshop

Art Direction for Ad Campaigns, Editorials, and Social Media Content
for Marketing Directors, and Brand Managers
Lecture and Workshop ( private or group sessions )
Duration: 2 days 2x3 hours/day

Day 1

Brand Manifesto and Seasonal Design Connections

- Brand Overview
- Seasonal collection design- and styling analysis by segments and products
- Trend- and  Brand Studies
- Seasonal Concept - Inspirations, Artistic Connections, and Collaborations

Research, Moodboards

Communication Strategy
- Needs and Goals for Seasonal Communication
- Seasonal Communication Concept
- Social Media Strategy
- Visual Concepts for Photography and  Moodboards

Concept Overview, Layout plan

Day 2

Art Direction for Photography
- Seasonal Collection in Photography Plan, Pre-Editing
- Creative Briefs for Photography, Model, Styling, Set Design, Location, Makeup, Hair
- Location Scouting, Model Casting
- Timing, Fees, Budget
- Photography Art Direction on Location

Moodbards for Photography Project

Editing Work
- Image Selections, Post Productions
- Editing for Social Media
- Layout Design, Text


Selected Work