Creative Storytelling
Harmony and Strategy in Visual Communication

Art Directors, Marketing Directors, and Brand Managers

Art Direction for Ad Campaigns, Editorials, and Social Media Content

Day 1.

Harmony and Strategy in Visual Communication:
- Brand Concept and Philosophy, Values and Stories, Core Inspirations
- Brand Character, and Lifestyle
- Essence for Visual Communication
- Business, Cultural, and Artistic Connections, Collaborations

Day 2.

Art Directing Visuals:
Ad Campaigns, Editorials, and Social Media Content
- Visual Concepts, Creative Direction for Photography, Styling, Set Design
- Casting, Location Scouting, Hiring the Creative Team
- Timing, Fees, Budget
- Art Direction on Location
- Image Selection, Editing, and Presentations
- Social Media Strategy
- Editing Posts and Stories

Lecture and Workshop ( private or group sessions )
Duration: 1 or 2 days lecture and workshop 2x3 hours/day


.Creative Direction. .Creative Education.
Guiding and Elaborating Image and Visual Communication for Fashion, Lifestyle and Hospitality Brands.
Creative Consulting, Lectures and Workshops for small and large businesses.

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