curated by ATELIER

 Lectures and Workshops

Art Direction in Fashion Photography
Storytelling / Portfolio

for Photographers
available from March 2022

Creative Retreat
for Lifestyle and Hospitality Management
available from September 2022

Creative Storytelling
Harmony and Strategy in Social Media Design
Photography, Styling, and Editing
available from October 2022

Future Hospitality
Fashion, Hospitality, and Cinema
Brand Character and Lifestyle Design
Visual Presentations
available from October 2022

Lifestyle Trend Presentations 

available from October 2022

Fashion meets Hospitality with a pinch of Cinema

curated by ATELIER is a creative and educational studio, specialized in creating and curating brand narratives, creative strategies, visual concepts, lectures and workshops for small and large businesses.

curated by ATELIER was born in 2010, in a small room in Montmartre, Paris, where founder and creative director Angie Palmai has traveled for many years. Today, the studio is based in Budapest and collaborates internationally on treasured projects with honest companies and conscious brands on strengthening brand image, art directing creative strategies, and creating, curating visual appearance.

Offering Lectures and Workshops, Trend Presentations, Image Creative Direction, Ad campaign and Content Art Direction, Social Media Strategy, Photography, Styling, Interior and Event Design for Fashion, Lifestyle, and Hospitality businesses.

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