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.Creative Direction. .Creative Education. .Creative Services.

Brand Consulting and Creative Services for Fashion, Lifestyle and Hospitality businesses

.Creative Direction
Concept Design in Brand Strategy, Interior Design and Visual Communications

.Consultancy on Brand Image, Visual Communication, Interior-  and Event Design

.Production Art Direction
Ad campaign and Content Art Direction, Social Media Strategy

.Photography, Styling, Set Design, Installation

.Lectures and Workshops, Trend Presentations

Fashion meets Hospitality with a pich of Cinema
curated by ATELIER is a creative and educational studio, specializing in creative direction to support small and large companies to build and maintain authentic brand image, develop harmonious communication strategies, create inspiring design, and produce soulful visuals. The Studio also provides creative direction lectures and workshops for their clients to expand their knowledge and enhance their experience.

The Journey MattersHospitality Consulting and Creative Services

.Creative Direction / Brand Consultancy
.Core and Seasonal Concept for Collaborations, Products/Services, Events and Communication
.Art Direction, Styling, Photography

The studio offers various creative services in The Journey Matters Programs for hospitality businesses to harmonize the overall image, visualize their values, and stories, highlight their uniqueness in a meaningful and artistic way - to become an authentic inspiration for guests, and give an expanding vision to discover new communication, collaboration-, and event connections for the brand itself.

curated by ATELIER  was born in 2010, in a small room in Montmartre, Paris, where founder and creative director Angie Palmai had been travelling for many years. Today, the studio is based in Budapest and works internationally on treasured projects with honest companies and conscious brands on strengthening brand image, art directing creative strategies, and creating, curating visual appearances.

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