.The Journey Matters.

Hospitality Consulting

Creative Services for Lifestyle and Hospitality Management                               

In many years of researching, educating, and directing various brand's identity and visual communication, I have had wonderful discoveries in fashion, lifestyle, and hospitality: that brands can not only inspire through authenticity and honest products, services, design, collaborations, events, and communication but also bring a colourful and lively community together and create lasting cultural values.

In The Journey Matters Services, I would like to share my experiences and knowledge to guide brands to become inspirational locally and internationally. To bring creative community together, sharing values, creating thriving and iconic places that make the heart beat, where it is good to be together, where everything is in harmony and connected, and inspire us to celebrate life and each other.

Angie Palmai 

curated by ATELIER studio offers various services in The Journey Matters Programs for Hospitality Businesses to visualize their values, stories, and uniqueness in a meaningful and artistic way to become an authentic inspiration for guests, and give an expanding vision to discover new communication, collaboration and event connections for the brand itself.

Duration: 3 to 30 days or Seasonal Collaboration

.The Journey Matters Services.
Creative Consulting
Authentic Visuals
Lectures, Workshops
Seasonal Collaboration

Artist Residency Program

Creative Consulting 

.Brand Authenticity
- Brand’s Stories, Cultural Values, and Surroundings
- Philosophy, Mission, Vision and Atmosphere
- Brand Concept, Hotel Charm, and Unique Experiences
- Brand Character, Style and Lifestyle, Movie-like visions

 .Visual and Strategical Harmony
- Space Concept and Design Direction
- Harmony in Design, Products/Services and Communication
- Interior Styling around Menu and Gathering 
- Curated Senses - Fragrance, Music, Styling, and Decoration
- Curated Selections of Products - Books, Gifts, and Fashion

- Local Connections
(Producers, Farmers, Florists, Bakeries, Ceramics, Fashion-, Accessories Brands, etc.)
- Locations for Brands - Atelier or Shop
- International Connections

.Collaborations, Events, and Exhibitions
- International and Local Artists, Designers
- Cultural and well-being instructors  

.Seasonal Programs and Concept
- Weekly Menu, Specialties, Events
- Seasonal Collection - Products, and Programs
- Meeting Point for Locals
- Guest Artists

.Visual Communication Concept
- Communication Strategy for Social Media and Website
- Concepts for Photography and Styling
- Layout Design

Authentic Visuals
Seasonal Content Creation by segments, experiences, and ambiance
(Production Art direction, Styling, Photography, Editing)

Editorials and Ad Campaign Production
Holiday /  Fashion / Lifestyle Stories
- Seasonal Communication Concept based on cultural design inspirations,
international trends, events, and collaborations 
- Photo Production in Hotel locations, with Seasonal Selections of
Curated Boutique Collections, Products, and Services 

Concept Photography
Visual Journey by Segments and Services  / Food, Activities, Interior, Portrait, Fashion

Documentary Storytelling
Visual Essay of the Hotel / Holiday Mood and Experience

Lectures, Workshops for Visual Communication
.Creative Storytelling ︎︎︎

Art Direction for Ad Campaigns, Editorials, and Social Media Content
- Brand Manifesto and Seasonal Concept
- Communication Strategy
- Art Direction for Photography, Styling
- Locations, Models, and Products
- Editing Work

Seasonal Collaboration with Hotels
Holiday Photography Services for Guests
Duration: Seasonal Collaboration 

Photography and Styling
- Holiday Session ( Portrait, Fashion, Lifestyle )
- Holiday Documentary ( Visual Essay )

Workshops and Creative Consulting on Storytelling
- Photography and Styling Workshops 
- Portfolio and Social Media Consulting

Artist Residency Program
Artistic Reflection on the Brand, Culture, and Environment
Duration: 2-4 weeks

- Visual Diary, Visual Essays for Online and Print Presentations
- Artistic and Creative Events, Exhibition, Artist Talk
- Printed Images for wall decoration, and postcard for Hotel Gallery or Rooms

*All images by Angie Palmai

.Creative Direction.
.Creative Education.

Guiding and Elaborating Image and Visual Communication for Fashion, Lifestyle and Hospitality Brands.

Creative Consulting, Lectures and Workshops for small and large businesses.

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