.Orquesta Desiderata.International (Tango) Events in collaboration with Holiday Places, Boutiques Hotels, or Chic Cafes

Duration: 1-3 days
Day or weekend event curated with bohemian simplicity, cool elegance, sweet nostalgia, and cultural connections

Gathering together Local / International Artists
Curated Event with Special Menu and Programs

Collaboration with Tango Dancers, Musicians...
Collaboration with Bakeries, Florists, Ceramist...

We started working on the Orquesta Desiderata project in 2021, however, the need for a kind of event was born many years before: The desire to share our tango lifestyle and all the things that are dear to us, composing in a memorable gathering. As much as we like dancing, we very much like to share our passion with non-dancing friends. We have realized, that there are many opportunities for dancers, but events, that offer just to enjoy the tango mood, having coffee, or a drink are rare. We aim to curate events in collaboration with lovely people, being surrounded by lovely little pleasures - and to share an atmosphere and a joyful lifestyle with dancers, friends, guests, and collaborators.

Orquesta /oɾ'kesta/ Orchestra in Spanish
"Desiderata" (Latin: "things desired") is an early 1920s prose poem by the American writer Max Ehrmann.