.Creative Retreats
Various Creative Support for Lifestyle and Hospitality Management                               


Creative Retreats offers various creative support to discover and visualize the brand’s values, stories, and uniqueness in a meaningful and artistic way to become an authentic inspiration for guests and clients.

Duration: 3 to 30 days or Seasonal Collaboration

Creative Consulting
Authentic Visuals
Lectures, Workshops
Seasonal Collaboration

Artist Residency Program

Creative Consulting and Guidance for Image and Visual Communication to become an Inspirational Brand

.Consulting on Brand's Foundations

Visual Harmony and Creative Strategy based on the brand's values, stories and lifestyle
- Retail Space and Segments, Products, and Services
- Connections to Programs, Menu, Visual Communication, Interior Design, Boutique Collections, Collaborations, and Events

Brand Extensions, Sisterbrands, Pop Up Projects
Brand / Travel Book Creative  Direction
Brand Image Overview

 .Consulting on Creative Strategies

Visualization: History and Functions, Values and Style, Stories and Experiences

Creative Art Direction
- Concept and Core Inspirations for Interior and Graphic Design
- Concept and Styling for Curated Store Collections
- Core and Seasonal Collaborations
- Lifestyle Brand Connections
- Cultural, and Artistic Connections
- Creative Consulting for Events

.Consulting on Visual Communication

Art Direction for Core and Seasonal Visual Communication
- Ad campaign and Content Art Direction
- Visual Concept, Photography Briefs, and Styling Guide
- Social Media Strategy, Content, and layout Design
- Visual Harmony in Brand Presentation (online and offline)

Authentic Visuals

Content Creation by segments, experiences and ambiance
(Art direction, Styling, Photography, Editing)

- Editorials and Ad Campaign Production
Holiday /  Fashion / Lifestyle Stories
- Seasonal Communication Concept based on cultural design inspirations, events,  and collaborations 
- Photo Production in Hotel locations, with Seasonal Selections of Curated Boutique Collection, Products and Services 

- Concept Photography
Visual Journey by Segments and Services  / Food, Activities, Interior, Portrait, Fashion

- Documentary Storytelling
Visual Essay of the Hotel / Holiday Mood and Experience

Lectures, Workshops for Hotel Communication

.Creative Storytelling ︎︎︎

Harmony and Strategy in Visual Communication:
- Brand Concept and Philosophy, Values and Stories, Core Inspirations
- Brand Character, and Lifestyle
- Essence for Visual Communication
- Business, Cultural, and Artistic Connections, Collaborations

Art Directing Visuals: 
Ad Campaigns, Editorials, and Social Media Content
- Visual Concepts, Creative Direction for Photography, Styling, Set Design
- Timing, Fees, Budget
- Casting, Location Scouting, Hiring the Creative Team
- Art Direction on Location
- Image Selection, Editing, and Presentations
- Social Media Strategy - posts and stories

Seasonal Collaboration with Hotels

Duration: Seasonal Collaboration 
Creative Services for Guests

Photography Services 
- Holiday Session ( Portrait, Fashion, Lifestyle )
- Holiday Documentary ( Visual Essay )

Workshops and Creative Consulting on Storytelling
- Photography and Styling Workshops 
Holiday Sessions, Holiday Documentary
- Portfolio and Social Media Consulting

Artist Residency Program

Duration: 3-6 weeks

Artistic Reflection on the Brand, Culture, and Environment
Research for Artistic Connections
Producing and Editing Images
Artistic and Creative Events, Exhibition, Artist Talk

Visual Diary, Visual Essays
- for Online  Presentations

Printed Images for Interior Styling, Postcards and Hotel Books
- for Hotel Gallery and Store 

*Photos by Angie Palmai

.Creative Direction.
.Creative Education.

Guiding and Elaborating Image and Visual Communication for Fashion, Lifestyle and Hospitality Brands.

Creative Consulting, Lectures and Workshops for small and large businesses.

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