Creative Retreat
for Lifestyle and Hospitality Management 

This “retreat” offers various creative support to discover and visualize the brand’s values, stories, and uniqueness in a meaningful and artistic way to become an authentic inspiration for guests and clients.

Duration: 3 to 30 days 

Creative Consulting
Authentic Visuals

Creative Consulting

Creative Strategies for Core and Seasonal Communication

Brand Image, Value Visualisation
Visual Presentation of Brand Personality, and Lifestyle

Boutique Collection
Visual Communication by Segments for Seasonal Collection

Cultural Connections, Collaborations, and Events

Social Media Strategy 

Authentic Visuals

Content Creation by segments, products and experiences
Art direction, Styling, Photography, Layout Design

Documentary Storytelling
- Visual Essay of the Hotel 
Concept Photography
- Portrait, Fashion, Food, Interior

Lectures, Workshops 

Creative Storytelling
Harmony and Strategy in Social Media Design 
Photography, Styling, and Editing 

Future Hospitality
Fashion, Hospitality, and Cinema
Brand Character and Lifestyle Design
Visual Presentations


Creative Services for Guests
Collaboration with Hotels 

Photography Services
Holiday Session ( Portrait, Fashion )
Holiday Documentary ( Visual Essay )

Workshop and Consulting
Creative Storytelling
- Photography and Styling Workshop
Portfolio or Social Media Consulting

curated by ATELIER is specialized in creating and curating brand narratives, creative strategies, visual concepts, lectures and workshops for small and large businesses.

For inquiry please contact Angie Pálmai